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Key Axiom by crocmon Key Axiom by crocmon
This Keyblade is largely inspired by 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand. I was originally going to go through and make the phrase "A IS A" go up the shaft of the blade, have the teeth be railroad tracks, and the shaft be like a housekey. However, much thought and I realized that if I did this it would be less of a Keyblade based off the story and more of a Keyblade based off the ideals, but not as focused on the story as it should've been. I used a plain number two pencil and a random pen I found around the desk to draw then ink respectively. This was drawn on 11 x 8 1/2 in/27.9x21.5cm Heavyweight Paper (ACADEMIE Brand SketchBook from Mead) that was acid and lignin free.

The reasoning behind me trying to start this was because I realized that, while there were many Bioshock keyblades, there weren't any based off the book Bioshock was inspired by. I did a LOT of Google searches, BING, etc, and found nothing of the sort. I figured I'd be the first one to do so. I've imagined since then how Sora would react in the story of Atlas Shrugged, but realized he might end up siding with the looters and moochers for some reason and screwing over another plot. But, it would be entertaining to see if his character wasn't doomed to do that. Maybe he'd encounter John Galt on the second half of one of his journeys to save the world and learn a thing or two?

Anyways, comment as you wish. This is just a sketch, and I'll color it and correct it as soon as I get access to photoshop again.
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Whammygirl Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009
Definitely the coolest keyblade I've ever seen. The dollar sign keychain totally makes the blade. I can picture me swinging it around, going: I will fight with the power of Objectivism! Fear the power of my logic! (random battle scream)
crocmon Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! Now that school's started up and I've got Photoshop access again, I've been thinking about coloring it. Maybe taking a Rearden Metal color scheme, with bluish-green rails?
PhoenixTrooper Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
So this is the key you were talking about, hm? Nice to see it! :)

Okay, concrit time. Few suggestions, if you don't mind me making 'em?
The overall concept's pretty good, although maybe could do something more with the tooth end? Then again, you said it was meant to be simple, so that's fair enough. I do like the railroad track effect, though. Nice idea.
A little note on the proportions... keyblades tend to be quite short. Grab a picture of one and check how big the shaft and handle are compared to each other - usually, the shaft's only about two and a half times the length of the handle. Just something to think about.

Anyway - good to see this done, and I'll be very interested to catch the coloured version! :)
crocmon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, very much!

Yea, I intend it to be a longer-reaching Keyblade, but that was irking me too. I've actually been thinking about having the phrase "A IS A" being cut from the tooth itself, rather than being engraved. Either in the fashion the crown from Kingdom Key was or just the letters making those gaps in metal.

While it may be a few weeks, I'm going to be doing my best to settle on a colored version. I'm afraid school's the only place I've been able to get ahold of editing software like Photoshop, lol.

Once again, thank you very much!
PhoenixTrooper Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
Hey, just glad to help! :D

*nods* The longer keyblades tend to have a shaft about 3 to 3.5 times the length of the handle, I think - try for that kind of length, maybe? And I think I can see what you mean with the text, too - that could work. Just try things out...
And no worries. Do what you can, when you can. :)
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July 31, 2009
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